Since its foundation in 1994, KNARR Group, headquartered in north-bavarian Helmbrechts, has evolved from a tool manufacturer into a full-line supplier for tool and mold making. With the creation of Vertriebs GmbH and Formtechnik GmbH in 2000 and 2020, the Group complemented its existing manufacturing competencies with two vital segments. KNARR ensures short lead times through high stock availability of standard parts. A high level of vertical integration allows additional flexibility for customizations. Notable customers around the globe appreciate this innovative combination.


INDUSTRY: Mechanical engineering, tool, and mold construction
PROJECT: Webshop with integrated, 3D-visualized plate configurator
SOLUTION: B2B e-commerce / configuration / PIM Bridge
TECHNOLOGIES: .Net Core (backend), React (frontend), Plan Software Commerce



End of 2020, KNARR Vertriebs GmbH approached us with a specific request: Having entered e-commerce in 2003 with their first web shop, the Group now – in light of the accelerating pace of the worldwide B2B e-commerce – sought an all-inclusive digital solution. This request came with a crucial challenge: During development, the specific ordering habits of the tool manufacturing sector had to be the primary focus. Therefore, the design and user experience were required to match the target group’s expectations. Since the printed catalog was going to be continued, the web shop would become an additional digital distribution channel with broad user acceptance, leading to an increase in market presence.


Thanks to our agile approach and close collaboration with the client, we were able to implement a digital commerce solution combining a web shop and 3D configurator in a user-friendly manner within just seven months. The project’s initial phase allowed us to define our client’s needs and expectations initially. Based on this, the customer-specific product features were determined during a user experience workshop to develop a prototype to be used as a foundation for the screen design and the further development process. The new web shop boasts a highly functional dashboard that combines everything a customer’s heart desires, be it the import of parts lists, an overview of invoices, or the order history. Another feature of optimizing the customer journey is the complex rights and roles concept with a stored approval process and the option of creating project-related shopping baskets.

Not just the intuitive configuration tool with integrated 3D visualization makes for outstanding usability. The quick search function integrated into the dashboard lets users complete their orders quickly by entering the item number.

Furthermore, a standardized catalog data interface (Open Catalog Interface (OCI)) was implemented. The product information system (PIM) light, which is directly docked onto the shop, also allows the company to independently adapt and exchange content such as images and product descriptions without the intervention of a service provider. With React for the frontend design and .Net Core the backend construction, state-of-the-art technologies were used to make the online shop fully usable for years.