Like a well-oiled machine: the Synergy of CPQ and 3D visualization!

The market for CPQ and visualization solutions is evolving relentlessly. Integrated complete solutions, in particular, are becoming increasingly significant. This is due to changing customer needs as well as new technological opportunities. We wondered what exactly is behind this and why the synergy of CPQ and visualization is more important than ever.

Summary: What is a CPQ solution?

Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) solutions assist companies in configuration processes, pricing, and quotation generation. They are used in various industries, especially when it comes to manufacturing and selling complex products in mechanical engineering.

CPQ systems enhance sales processes’ efficiency and accuracy, enabling customer-centric quotation creation in record time.

Summary: What is a visualization solution?

Visualization solutions include, among other things, CAD/BIM catalogs, technical dimension drawings, 2D/3D visualizations, and animations. They are used to represent complex concepts and data in a visually appealing and understandable manner.

Their use is extremely beneficial in planning, construction, product development, manufacturing, and mechanical engineering to reduce measurement errors and visualize individual requirements.


Current market situation in the CPQ and visualization software segment

The market for software solutions integrating CPQ and visualization is experiencing impressive growth and gaining increasing importance. Companies recognize the transformative power of these solutions, which optimize the sales process, enhance customer satisfaction, and elevate competitiveness to a new level.

In this dynamic environment, the focus is on personalized customer experiences and more efficient sales processes. Forward-looking technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and 3D visualization bring a new dimension to these processes, significantly increasing user acceptance.

The applications range from manufacturing to retail, highlighting the versatility and adaptability of integrated CPQ and visualization solutions. Given the increasing competition in this market segment, providers must develop innovative features to distinguish themselves from the competition.

Companies increasingly prioritize customer-centricity and turn to integrated solutions to create customized offers and visually present products. Seamless integration into the company’s infrastructure, including Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, is crucial for optimizing the entire sales process.

What makes the combination of CPQ and visualization software so powerful?

Visual elements are increasingly being used when a mask-based CPQ solution is no longer sufficient. The combination of CPQ and visualizations can deliver significant added value:

Who benefits from this combination?

Both internal and external stakeholders can benefit from such a combination. Here are some examples of how a combined software solution can simplify everyday tasks:

What does the future hold for CPQ and visualization software?

The future holds the promise of widespread application of integrated solutions, which expedite the design and quotation process and reduce errors, saving time and resources.

Industry-agnostic usage

The complete solution will become interesting for various architecture, automotive, or retail industries. Companies will increasingly use such solutions to market and customize their products and services more effectively.

The power of AI, AR and VR

Customers can experience products in virtual environments, making purchasing decisions easier and enhancing the customer experience.

Will there soon be no shop without CPQ and visualization?

With the continuous growth of e-commerce, the integration of CPQ and visualization tools is becoming increasingly important in online stores. Customers have the opportunity to customize and visualize products online to see how they fit into their daily lives or spaces.

Collaborative configuration in focus

Companies are increasingly developing solutions where customers can collaborate in real-time with sales teams to configure and visualize products or projects. This collaboration promotes innovation and leads to customized solutions.

The future of integrated CPQ-visualization solutions promises a dynamic and exciting transformation in various industries. Stay updated so you do not miss the latest developments in this emerging field.


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